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Here is a Material Design APP to make charge Mifare Classic Card easily.

  1. Mifare 1KSupported Device.
    (Or OTG support ACR122U)
  2. KeyA and keyB of useful sector.
  3. Comply with local laws, only used for study and testing.


How to use MTools


2.1 Lists

2.1.1 Add Card

Click the + floating button will display Add Card Dialog, put the Mifare Classic Card close to the NFC antenna, then you can add a card to the APP.

2.1.2 Remove Card

Slide the item toward right to remove the card.

2.1.3 Sort Card

Press and drag to sort Cards.

2.2 Details

2.2.0 Interface Introduction


2.2.1 Add Key

Click the ** + floating button ** to display Add Key Dialog, select the sector number by sliding the picker, and enter 6 bytes (12 digits or letters) valid key A or key B, click Complete to save.

2.2.2 Modify Key

Click the ** modify button ** will display the Modify Key Dialog, select new sector number by sliding the picker, and modify the 6 bytes (12 digits or letters) valid key A or key B, click Completesave new keys or sector.

2.2.3 Read Sector

After the card is close to the NFC antenna, click on the ** read button ** will read 4 block of data from clicked sector, you could modify and write the new data.

2.2.4 Data Sniff/Compare

Must add correct keys before. After marked, it can be compared with highlight datas.
[Pro Version] Data Backups/Restore, Compare vertically, Rule Repository.

2.2.5 Add Rule Interface Introduction

Click data item to add/modify rule.
Click icon to copy rule to another block of another sector.
[Pro Version] Rule copy. image Add Money Byte

Mark the byte, then verify the money is correct, and click Next.
image. Add Checked Byte

Check the bytes that changes and add expressions. Make sure that it's correct then click OK.
image Supported operations:

And: +

Subtraction: -

Multiply: *

division: /

xor: @^

not: @~

Crc8: crc8, crc8cdma2000, crc8darc, crc8dvbs2, crc8ebu, crc8icode, crc8itu, crc8maxim, crc8rohc, crc8wcdma

Crc16: crc16ccittfalse, crc16arc, crc16buypass, crc16cdma2000, crc16dds110, crc16dectr, crc16dectx, crc16dnp, crc16en13757, crc16genibus, crc16maxim, crc16mcrf4xx, crc16riello, crc16t10dif, crc16teledisk, crc16tms37157, crc16usb, crca, crc16kermit, crc16modbus, crc16x25, crc16xmodem

Note1: Only decimal arithmetic is supported

Note2: Crc expression must be called as shown above

Get Expressions Example Click Here Sort Expressions

Press and drag to sort Expressions.

The calculation is from top to the end.

2.2.6 Sort Keys

Press and drag to sort Keys.

2.2.7 Remove Key

Slide the item toward right to remove the key.

2.2.8 key Lists

Long press the floating button to show key lists.

2.3 Charge

2.3.1 Set Quotas

Long press the Charge TextView , you can charge as the Quotas.

2.3.2 Clear Record

Long press the recharge record list, then pop up the dialog will allow you to to clear the recharge record or not.

2.3.3 Show Calculate Result

Long press the floating button to preview the data generated on Rule.


Thanks for the friends on the contribution of open source community, regardless of rank.